Here is a shout out to Ryan and for those that are hesitant about anything…. I have been a long time follower of the forex market, never had the balls to jump into it. Little did I really know it would be my gateway to an addiction and to freedom.

A few months ago, I was put on to Ryan and Cue by a friend …. So i kept watching it, as some of you might know, I am a commercial automotive photographer and have a passion for bmw’s. Needless to say, It clicked when I had similar goals to what they had.

I was on a super tight budget and was never able to really dish out the $$ for the training since it was always counted for. By being a photographer full time, we can go one week-three weeks with no work, then work the next lol Its rough in the streets for a pimp lol

Ryan had the promo for Technical Prosperity and I just couldn’t say no, so i jumped on it. Watched the videos and tried to get it on my own (I am a visual and doer learner). I put in $100 on the market for a live account, I wanted to learn real time and not keep using the demos.

Thats when I jumped into technical Art FX as well (on the promo which I am grateful for, because I wouldnt have been able to jump on the full price just yet.. but it was on the plans). Thats when it started getting Litttt 🔥

With the $100, I had a goal to turn it into $200, then to $500 and then to $1000 and so on… We are closing out my second week and I have already turned that $100 into $1008 as of today.

So for those that are questioning the course and doubting technical Art, stop questioning and just do it…. You seriously can’t go wrong, so dont hold yourself back.

That’s my little review, hope you guys enjoy your weekend, stay pippin and Banging!! Let’s Get them McChickens


  1. You are very WELCOME! Glad to have you as student.

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